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Don't let headaches take over your life

No matter what kind of headache you suffer from, you may swear you never felt pain like it before. Whether you experience migraines, tension headaches, or headaches caused by neck pain, help is truly on its way. When that bottle if ibuprofen just is not cutting it, a chiropractor may be just what you need for some relief.

Stop in today and see what we can do to make those painful and horrible headaches a thing of the past.

headaches.jpgNew patients are always welcome.

• Relieves pain naturally

• No medications

• Proper diagnosis

• Finding the root of the problem

• Helping your neck's curve

• Adjusting your back

• Chiropractic massages

• Professional service

Ames Chiropractor | Headaches. Dr. Bradley Bruhl is a Ames Chiropractor.