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Sports Medicine


Your sports medicine expert is on the job

Untreated sports injuries can create problems years after they happen. You may not even know why you're in pain, but you may be able to trace it to something that happened at the gym years ago that you just shrugged off. Don't allow that to happen. When you feel the injury, get it diagnosed and treated as soon as you can.

Dr. Bruhl is a certified chiropractic sports practitioner and is an expert on getting the root of the problem and finding the solution.

sport.jpgSports medicine for your well-being

• Treats injuries

• Relieves pain

• Prevents further injury

• Provides expert diagnosis

• Provides expert treatment

• Gets you back into life

• Helps joints

• Helps limbs

• Helps muscles

Ames Chiropractor | Sports Medicine. Dr. Bradley Bruhl is a Ames Chiropractor.